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With Sala Legend USA it’s as easy as:

1. Complete 7-min online expert visit

2. Freshly compounded after expert approval

3. Customized treatment shipped to you!

Freshly Compounded & Customized

Get your custom formula, freshly made by your personal pharmacist. Our board-certified dermatologists will evaluate your skin and customize the best prescription haircare products, just for you.


Sala Legend Guides Your Haircare Journey!

The first haircare tracking app combined with a full-treatment prescription set, designed to guide your skincare journey & be your personal care provider, right at your fingertips!

 Personalize my treatment

  Track my daily progress

  Q&A with dermatologist

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  1. I recommend that if you buy combos, call for advice because buying a lot will have a huge discount for those sisters. Besides, the advice will be better and also receive incentives every time there is a big sale program, I originally intended to buy on this site, but I was told how to save costs very effectively.

  2. Packaging is very nice. Indeed, the seller has sent a lot of thoughts and feelings while packing. The box has no signs of dents, the shipping department seems to be very professional, have not used the product but saw the advertising and enthusiastic advice but not too poor. It sounds funny but I ordered and got scammed twice and this time I don’t know if it’s real but this is fun.

  3. I’ve used a lot of different ones, but I think this is probably the best one. Used on skin that is not dry but smooth and shiny, Experience the product from morning to night, the skin is still bright and smooth. Very benign and does not cause skin irritation. The price is suitable for everyone to use.

  4. First of all, it must be recognized that the work attitude is very good. Second, delivery must be said to be very fast and reputable, always tracking orders and informing customers. The third is the extremely satisfactory packaging, sure, the product is extremely clean, the labels are full, making me feel very secure. And finally, the product is very good to use, not greasy, dry, fragrant with essential oils. Writing a review makes me feel very happy.

  5. I got 1 item wrong but I got a full refund when I clicked refund to return the wrong item 👌 The shampoo set is very good I see the cream is thick, it doesn’t foam, but I used it for a while and saw that the hair loss has decreased With all the lint out, I just washed my hair and rinsed it with water, my hair is so smooth, it’s salon standard 😘