Return policy

Conditions to return goods:

Customers purchase Sala Legend USA, LLC, also keep the bill (related to customers). When you want to change the return, the product must be exactly the same product that you have bought before, because the product is new, the packaging and product are still intact (not the original stamp but still new on 98%).

Specific return policy:

Depending on each product, Sala Legend USA, LLC has different return and exchange policies. Customers can exchange and return goods in the following cases:

+ Products are at a loss by the manufacturer

+ Non-standard goods, designs as you order

+ Not enough quantity, not enough as in the order

+ Using an allergic or inappropriate product (depending on each specific case to handle, if it is due to the quality of the product, payment, exchange and refund unconditionally).

+ External conditions are affected such as torn packaging, peeling, broken …

+ Change the product exactly as you have ordered, do not allow to change the product is not the same type.

How to return goods:

Within 7 days after receiving the item, if the product is defective in the above conditions, you can return the item or ask us to exchange another product of equivalent value. Please follow the following procedure:

+ Call or email to notify Sala Legend USA, LLC about the return or exchange, stating in detail the situation that you are experiencing, if it is due to your fault, it will be fully responsible as committed.

+ Within 7 days of receiving the goods, please send to Sala Legend USA, LLC the goods need to exchange (the goods must be intact, not broken or seriously damaged due to intentional causes …)

+ Directly to Sala Legend USA, LLC to resolve quick returns within the day for customers in the city and surrounding areas.

+ The return and exchange only applies to customers who buy immediately promotions and receive associated gifts.

+ Refund or exchange for another product of equivalent value

If the exchange returns in this case, then must return all gifts with nine products, if used, the gift will be deducted directly from the amount returned.

In return for the damaged product itself:

Customers who do not want a refund but only exchange for that product will still receive promotional gifts.

Redeem 1 product with a higher value:

Return to all products including promotional products, if you want to receive another product with a higher value, make up for the remaining and receive the equivalent gift program.


Send to Sala Legend USA, LLC: You pay the shipping cost for Sala Legend USA, LLC.

Send back to you: After checking and confirming with customers the defects of the product and agreeing a refund or exchange of other products, they will be returned to the customer and the shipping bearer is Sala Legend USA, LLC we.